though these numbers and references may now be obsolete, but may still be visible in stallholders' stock.

Nowadays - Ebay (  It's surprising what you can find there... 

BOOT LID SEAL FLAVIA 2000 COUPE                             WOOLIES of Peterborough                                 SECTION 268. (01778 347347)

BUFFER ON DOOR 815 COUPE B POST                           ALFA SPIDER                                                   6070017/8

OUTER CV JOINT GAITER (ALL)                                     FIRST LINE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS               FCB2035  (slightly small, but will stretch to fit)    
INNER WHEEL ARCH REAR                                               2000, FLAVIA SPORT                                      MGB REAR, TRIUMPH STAG REAR.

REAR QUARTER PANEL 2000 COUPE                              HILLMAN HUNTER                                        (corners below rear bumper bar)

WHEEL ARCH SECTION REAR 2000 COUPE                  AUSTIN MORRIS                                               1100/1300
                                                      2000 SALOON                VOLVO 240

CILLS 2000 COUPE                                                             TRIUMPH TOLEDO

SPARE WHEEL WELL FLAVIA COUPE                                  VW BEETLE


[All the above panels, and more, may be sourced via Bill Lewis, who makes them to order. Tel: 0630 661449]

BRAKE BLEED NIPPLE/CAP 2000                                     RENAULT                                                         # 7701348674

BRASS BRAKE FITTINGS from AUTOMEC Ltd.              (01280 822818)

Flavia                                                                                     Flare nut (HU1);  Bleed nipple (HBS002)

2000                                                                                      Flare nut (HU6);  Bleed nipple (HBS005)     

FAN BELTS                                                                         These will have a length in mm. (e.g. 788), sometimes a width (e.g. 10) stamped on outside.

                                                                                              Most small independent factors carry a range of standard "V" belts. 

FAN SWITCH 2000                                                             INTERMOTOR                                                 50200

2000 injection distributor trigger contacts                              Lancia # 82289885; Bosch #;  Volvo (144GL etc.) # 243022;

                                                                                              Volkswagen (1600 LE etc.) # 1230 090 000 

HEATER VALVE 2000 SALOON                                     FIAT                                                                 # 4373040

BOSCH DIST CAP 2000                                                     ALFETTA 2000, NSU(66-72)

BOSCH DIST CONTACT SET 2000                                 CAPRI 2L Mk2, FIESTA,CAVALIER

BOSCH ROTOR 2000                                                         ditto

Driveshaft outer CVJ boot - All                                             First Line FCB 2035                                       Apparently fits Delta Integrale too.

DUCELLIER DIST CAP 2000                                             LUCAS DDB 221                                            PEUG504, MAXI, MINI, ALFASUD
                                                                                             Standard Motor Parts                                        Part # 44280

DUCELLIER CONDENSER 2000                                      LUCAS DCB 221                                             (ALL ABOVE)

DUCELLIER CONTACT SET 2000                                   LUCAS DSB 241                                              (ALL ABOVE)

DUCELLIER ROTOR 2000                                                LUCAS DRB 204                                              (ALL ABOVE)

STARTER MOTOR BRUSHES                                         ALL FIESTA 1.0/1.1/1.3,CAPRI 2L V6(69-)

MAIN LIGHT UNIT 2000                                                  LUCAS                                                                LUB 810

MARELLI CONDENSER 2000                                         FIAT 125/131/132; LANCIA FULVIA

MARELLI CONTACTS ALL                                             ALFA #1050205, POLSKI-FIAT 125p
MARELLI ROTOR ARM                                                    MOTAQUIP VRA 161 

VOLTAGE REGULATOR 815/9 w. dynamo                    LUCAS NCB 130
Cars w. SEV - Alternator                                                      LUCAS NCB 403

OIL PRESS SENSOR (Flavia/2000)                                    INTERMOTOR                                                     50560

EXHAUST GASKETS                                                        ALL RELIANT ROBIN, ALFA V6

EXHAUST HANGER (82217117) FLAVIA                      BOSAL EXHAUSTS

AIR FILTER FLAVIA                                                         CROSLAND 954 (cylindrical but works)

OIL FILTER 2000                                                               FRAM PH 2821 A (Rover  2000[as in Rover P6], Jensen Interceptor 3, Perkins marine engines etc.).

PETROL PUMP FLAVIA                                                   FACET-BENDIX  476087E

CARBURETTOR 2000                                                        WEBER 34 ADF + AIR BOX from FIAT 131 +  manual choke conversion &

                                                                                             modification to linkage  

                                                                                             WEBER 32DHS (Fiat) – 90deg petrol feed union + 2 insulator gaskets only req.

                                                                                             Weber 32/36 DFV or 32/36DFAV (with manual choke conversion) + 2 insulator gaskets.

                                                                                             Will also need petrol feed redirecting to the O/S.  Accepts the standard air cleaner.


FLAVIA 1800                                                                     WEBER 32DFM  (CORTINA Mk2 1600E etc)  +  jet changes to primary choke
                                                                                            1” removed from neck of air filter housing & neck plate for carb top.  New throttle linkage.

                                                                                            Solex C32PPI - like the standard C32 PAIA with manual 2nd choke.  May need a non-

                                                                                            standard air cleaner too.  Works well, but may be difficult to source.

POWER STEERING BELT 2000                                        FENNER                                                             #SPA 950 or 975

SHOCK ABSORBER (see below for AVO)                       2000 REAR                                                           SPAX G435-170
                                                                                            815 REAR                                                             SPAX G434-170
                                                                                            819/820 REAR                                                      SPAX G677-170
                                                                                            819/820/2000 FR.                                                 SPAX G678-170

                                                                                            2000 front                                                              Saab 99 (so I've been told!)         

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SWIVEL JOINT COVER Flavia & 2000                            JAGUAR                                                                 C43216 (*) (‡)

(*) Obtainable from :  The online order form will ask for both a car model and a chassis number.  Take your pick from: Mk.7, 8, 9; XK120, 140, 150;  XJ6, XJ12, XKE.  The order will go through without a chassis number.  Less than 3 each at present.

(‡)  Used by Harry...

CLUTCH DISC FLAVIA (200mm. Ǿ)                           BMW 1502/1602                                                  (1.5-2.0l 63-76)
2000   (215mm.  Ǿ)                                                           MAZDA                                                                  #322 0112 60

 - or:  send to         Auto and Industrial Friction Services, Adenville Farm, Hitchen Road, Arlesley, Beds, SG15 6SE.   01462 834778.    []

BRAKE CALLIPER SET REAR Flavia 815 -              saloon                                                                    SP2564/2555
SEALS                                                                            - others w/o brake limiter                                         SP2566
                                                                                        - injected                                                                 SP9035
                                                                                        Flavia 819                                                                SP2566/2599
                                                                                        Flavia 820 coupe                                                     SP2559
                                        FRONT                                   All Flavia except 820 saloon                                     SP2556
                                                                                        Saloon                                                                     SP2691

HANDBRAKE PADS                                                    All Flavias                                                                GDB707 (†)

(†) Also obtainable from:   The online form will ask for a car model.  Mk.2 or V8 will be OK, and you won't need a chassis #.  Cost in the region of 16 + p&p when last checked.

Shock absorbers                                                                AVO TC-326                                                        Flavia front
                                                                                          AVO TC-629                                                        2000 front
                                                                                          AVO TC-622                                                        All rear