Herewith some photos taken by Phil Pilkington during the 2010 Annual General Meeting, held on Sunday 9th May at Chadlington Memorial Hall.

YouTube link.

This shows someone (I know not who or where) giving us all a guided tour around a 1974 LHD 2000HF coupé.  Not sure how it's all done either, but is really rather informative, and the engine certainly sounds very good.


UK MOT Test changes May 2018
  MOT test changes 2018This is a link to a PDF document (UK Government DfT) that summarises the changes.

Bosch ignition coil for 2000 series cars.

This is apparently still available, but under a changed part number.  Originally  Now  Stocked by Euro Car Parts under their part number 413330030.  These coils don't last forever and may have been working away since your car came through the factory gate.  Keeping a spare or changing to a new one now would seem to be a good idea.