Herewith a few items which have either been sent in by Consortium members, or projects with which members have been involved.
Scrapping a Zagato Sport 2010 AGM Photos Trieste and NEC photos Lancia Flavia Superjolly

Lancia in the Piazza 2007.

In 2003, the Consortium was persuaded to hold its annual AGM in London, in the Piazza surrounding the old Covent Garden Market.  This historic venue -


 - with its adjacent church, designed by Inigo Jones, is perhaps one of the best possible venues in London for a display of cars.  This is what we provided on 15th September 2003, mostly owing to the tireless efforts of Consortium member David Bieda.

The Lancia Motor Club Ltd., again with David co-ordinating the efforts of a small committee, made Covent Garden the venue for the 2007 centenary, on 16th September.  A few photos (click on image to see the full page view) are appended herewith:-

Some more photos may be found by following these links:-

I Mech E Annual Coventry Shakespeare Rally.

This annual event has been graced by Phil Pilkington's 2000HF over the last couple of years:-

  Lancia 2000 in Greece.
  I can remember a visit to Athens many years ago.  Just about the time I first became interested.  There were quite a few Lancias about, which seemed surprising at the time, being as they were hardly a common sight in the UK.  All were being driven fast and with millimetric accuracy.  Some have survived, as you can see, and should have benefitted from the more metal-friendly climate.  


Restoring a 2000 coupé.

These pictures were provided by Roger Michie in Australia.  There has been much more progress since.  The photos show typical rust problems, which seem to have happened even in the drier Antipodean weather.

Roger has (June 2010) sent me three photos:-

Pininfarina Doors.

Seen at the Autumn 2008 "Auto Italia" meeting at the British Motor Heritage Museum at Gaydon was this splendid Ferrari 330GT.   This was registered in 1969 as far as I remember, so contemporary with the Flavia and Flavia 2000 coupés.   It sometimes appears that a common door pressing was used for both Flavia and the Ferrari (also on the 250 coupé), but looking at the 330 from this angle then the depth of the  door appears greater.  There's more space for mounting the door mirror, and the rear edge of the window frame is at an angle, not virtually upright.  A wonderful car this one; clean and unfussy compared with later Maranello offerings, and a particularly nice restoration in the case of the car in the photo.

At this particular meeting I was there in the Flavia PF coupé that I restored, then sold in 2010.  Someone videoed the car as I drove in.

Some photos of cars present at the 2016 AGM (Forest of Dean Heritage Railway).

Some photos from the 2017 AGM (National Tramway Museum)

Flavia Pininfarina Injection coupe Flavia 1.8 litre sedan 2000 pininfarina injection coupe
Flavia Zagato Sport 2000 sedan Flavia pinifarina coupe (carburetter)


Some Photos from the 2018 AGM (De Havilland Aircraft Museum)