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Please note that this Consortium is not a trading company, and does not supply parts commercially.

Flavia 815 PF coupe


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Dedicated to the Lancia Flavia and 2000 model range, for owners and enthusiasts of this distinguished and thoroughbred car.

 This site gives you details about the UK consortium, how to join, the benefits of membership as well as all you need to know about buying and owning a Lancia Flavia.

You will find the history of this exceptional car, technical specifications, road test reports, a  model range guide, the development of the car over its 14 years, photographs and drawings and some rare publicity material from the launch of the car in 1960 onwards. We also provide contacts for advice on buying and restoring Flavia/2000 models; a price guide and what to look out for when buying.

See For Sale (link below) for

our re-manufacture of part

# 81719237 -

upper rear spring shackle mounting.


Lancia Flavia Berlina - Launch photo, 1961; saloon; 1500cc

Autojumble etc.

[The link above is to a page which, amongst other things, includes several parts we have remanufactured]

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Green Energy Report

 Most cars that have survived are still in use and, although well over 30 years old, they are capable of coping with modern driving conditions such is their performance, handling and braking.  Parts are available through the Consortium, both consumables and major parts, and there are a number of specialist restorers in the UK.                 

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