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The Consortium

Services & Benefits of Membership

How to Join the Consortium ~ Buying a Flavia/2000

A Berlina  is sacrificed so that others may continue on the road.  An occasional event when Consortium members take a car which is beyond repair and reduce it into its constituent parts.  Pictured are Peter Longhurst (left) , Colin Clamp (right) and Colin's father (middle).

 The Consortium's extensive stock of spare parts is not entirely sourced this way. It holds many new parts, has  purchased stock from old Lancia dealerships and even has had some parts remanufactured.

It is an entirely voluntary organisation.  Although a company limited by guarantee (to protect the membership), all parts are owned by the members.  Colin Clamp, Phil Pilkington and Richard Fisher administer the Consortium entirely with the (annually reviewed) permission of the members, as a hobby, and take no remuneration for so doing.

The Aims of the Flavia/2000 Consortium:

To provide advice, information and parts for those who own or are interested in these cars. It strives to be informal and approachable, offering opportunities to meet other enthusiasts at Lancia and other events.

There is a newsletter, edited by Colin Clamp, which provides advice on technical matters, together with current topics and events.

Consortium meeting where a group of owners search for the Flavia's engine.

Brian Hands looking nautical at a Consortium meeting - is someone judging a concours event?

The Newsletter

A quarterly newsletter with news about the Consortium and technical advice.  There may also be news on availability of parts, details about remanufactured parts and cars for sale.

A car for sale not all that long ago was the ex-Princess Grace of Monaco's 1970 Berlina, restored to concours condition. Expensive then (of course); they all are now -  so a 1973/4 Berlina 2000, with a solid body and lovely interior plus a years MOT could be yours for anywhere between £4000 and £10000.  Coupés can cost a lot more.  The days when these were cheap classics no one knew about appear to be over for the time being.

Technical information has in past years included:

Discovery of overhauled Kugelfischer  injection parts in a clearout of an original repair company.

Remanufactured bushes for the front and rear suspension

How to handle the very strong transverse front leaf spring when working on the front suspension.

Track rod alignment advice

New special tools acquired or made - exhaust expanding tool for loan; front and rear wheel bearing removal wrenches, etc.

Consortium Meeting with rare early Berlina

Peter Longhurst inspects a Berlina at a Consortium meeting (before my hair went grey...)


Consortium next - how to join

For Sale

The Consortium has a range of specialist tools which are available, free of charge to UK members.  It has access to parts catalogues and technical manuals, which can be abstracted to assist its members.

The extensive stock of spare parts has been catalogued and moved into several new premises.  The Consortium supplies parts for members within the EU and (where feasible) to professional and well known Lancia restorers.  Specialist engineering companies (for example, for valve inserts for unleaded fuel and for exhaust systems) are trialled and (some) commended to Consortium members.

Information on Parts Held by the Consortium or approved suppliers of parts (and also general advice) you can contact Colin Clamp by email (please note I have written all email addresses in such a way as to prevent trawling - you will need to amend to the usual form  [*] - see below for Paypal.  (vigzagattiscalidotcodotuk)

Buying A Flavia or 2000.

You have to find one first - not easy with these rare cars.  However, they can be found.  Places to look: the Lancia Motor Club magazine "Viva Lancia" usually has at least one example in its classified adverts.  Sometimes there are two or three cars. Be prepared to pay good money though...

2000HF - How Much? £3000?

Vignales and Zagatos are much rarer and difficult to price - when do we see them for sale?  A good Berlina 2000 should reach more than £5000 nowadays.

You can find a few advertised  in the year in the glossy classic cars magazines.  And some specialist classic car dealers have the odd example.  Most likely dealers are Tanc Barrett, Omicron, and Richard Thorne.  All of them advertise in the glossies and "Viva Lancia".

The most common models  available are the 2000 Coupés.  Few were imported, few were made, only 1200 of the 2000HF in total; and they have not attracted the restoration industry like Jaguars and Alfas.  However, they don't rot like them either.

Prices for coupés can range from as little as £1000 for  a complete horror only fit for scrap, to a top price of maybe £15000 or more for a 2000HF coupé.

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