How to Join the Consortium

You don't have to own a Flavia/2000; many members are ex-owners with an affection for the cars; some are looking to buy a Flavia; and a lot are still going to finish that restoration job 'soon'...

Membership is £25 per year.  There is an initial joining fee of £20.

Cheques should be made payable  "The Flavia and 2000 Consortium Ltd."

You can apply by writing to Phil Pilkington at:

37A High Street, Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire B50 4BQ

or you can email Phil :  suz016atcoventrydotacdotuk



Consortium documents. († - copies available for purchase - all £7 + £1 p&p inland UK)

1) Flavia (†) Compiled monograph on the Dunlop Girling Braking System

(based on contemporary documents)

2) Flavia (†) Monograph on replacing the master cylinder and servo assemblies with example "modern" equivalents.

Lanciana (American Lancia Club)

All gear change mechanism review; front spring replacement; subframe problems; and timing chain wear worries.  These items have now been re-issued as articles in Newsletters, and are listed in the Newsletter Index via the Home page link.

 Front sub-frame assembly


Front suspension strut showing transverse leaf sping

Consortium Bibliographic Services

The Consortium has a collection of manuals and test reports, parts of which can be copied to members at cost price. In addition the Lancia Motor Club has a library for all Lancia documents which may not be as extensive for Flavia/2000 models.  Some of the Consortium's collection is listed below. You may wish to refer to the type number against the model's name (e.g. 815/1500 Berlina etc.); this list can also be found below.


THE FLAVIA & 2000 CONSORTIUM Bibliography

Flavia 815 }

Flavia 819 } Parts Books

Flavia 820 }

2000 820 }

Flavia 820 Instruzione per le Riparazioni (in Italian)

Flavia Repair Shop Manual for Kugelfischer Inezione Engines

2000 Concise Repair Shop Manual

2000 Technical Data Manual

Lancia Motor Club

Flavia Repair Shop Manual (old photocopy)

2000 Repair Shop Manual (compiled)

2000 Bosch Injection Engine Manual

2000 820 Supplement with photocopies of factory modification and clarification notices - some not very clear

2000 Instructions for using the Bosch D Jetronic diagnostic tester (we do have a tester available too)

Classic Archive Publications (01676 533304)

Flavia Repair Shop Manual (better than LMC copy)


2000 Photocopy of Service Manual for M12 and 8QD callipers


Flavia: excellent copy of coupé (all) supplement to Repair Shop Manual

2000 Various photocopies of articles about the Bosch D Jetronic Fuel Injection System

Engine showing early injection system

Flavia 1500; Type 815 (61-63)

Flavia 1800; Type 815.300 (63-66)

Flavia 1800 Injection: Type 815.400 (65-66)

Flavia 1800/Milleotto; Type 819 (67-70)

Flavia 2000; Type 819.600 (69-71)

2000 Injection; Type 820 (71-74)

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